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we are a creative and enthusiastic team of the publishing house “Terra Publica”. Together we share ideas and live (yes, it’s life, not a job for us) in the most inspiring environment – around books and board games. Let’s get through our activities and a little bit of “Terra Publica” history.


Public institution Terra Publica is a non-profit organization founded in 2001. The main purposes of all our activities are:

– public education, cultural, sports, environmental protection, sports development activities,

– publishing, popularization, and distribution of original and foreign literature of high artistic value in Lithuania and abroad,

– promoting reading, increasing the availability of books for sensitive social groups,

– education of children and youth and organization of meaningful leisure time.


Terra Publica realizes its goals by publishing books, educational and entertaining board games, preparing content for the media, creating educational programs for educational institutions, initiating creative competitions, participating in national informational projects and international fairs.

Since 2011, Terra Publica has been a member of the Lithuanian Publishers Association (LLA). By receiving Creative Europe funding in 2019 and 2022, publishing house now runs two publishing programs: Books for Future Leaders and New Password: Changes.


Terra Publica is Lithuania’s leading publishing house, which owns the following registered imprints:

  • Terra Publica – adult books and board games, informational projects, and travel guides,
  • Debesų ganyklos (meaning Cloud Pastures) – children and YA books and board games, educational programs for students, encyclopedias for the whole family,
  • Virtuvės knyga (meaning Kitchen Book) – recipes, cooking, kitchen culture and table etiquette books.

If you are interested in our books, you could check them here.

Terra Publica became the organization which publishes the most board games created by Lithuanians and sells in Lithuania. You can check our board games here.

Currently, the publishing house has more than 20 employees and continuously works with more than 100 freelance artists (writers, translators, designers etc.).



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